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Be Happy – regardless!

It’s a funny thing, but when you go through life being unreasonably happy, full of joy and positivity, with a big smile on your face and not a bad word to say about anything or anybody, some people are going to look at you like you’re a bit weird. Actually, not that funny, it’s rather sad, but it seems to be true. Here’s an example…


You see?! The problem is that, in seeing your happiness, some people get a sharp reminder of what’s missing in their own life, and they don’t know how to deal with that. Sadly, the common response is that, as you’re not miserable like everyone else, there must be something wrong with you. There’s not!

Happiness, joy, bliss, excitement, enthusiasm and positive expectation are your natural state – that’s normal! Anything else is just plain wrong, at least as a lifestyle choice. Certainly, emotions will come, and go, as long as you allow them and release them. Some of those feelings will be what we tend to judge as ‘negative’ – sadness, anger, fear, doubt and so on, and it’s important to experience them, but don’t hang on to them for ever. They’re a message, so get the messgae, but don’t tattoo it on your forehead and become it, just let it go and do what you need to get back to your natural state.

So, be happy regardless? Regardless of what happens? No. Just regardless of what other people think. If your dog dies, feel sad and/or whatever else turns up. If you fail an exam, feel disappointed, or angry with yourself if you know you could have tried harder, or whatever. That’s normal. It’s good. Feel it, express it, and then LET GO OF IT! Use tools like EFT or ZPoint if you need to, some things are harder to let go than others – that’s normal too. And then get back to happy. You don’t need a reason to be happy – be unreasonably happy, it’s natural.

Unreasonable happiness may not be normal, if you define normal as what everybody else does, but it is natural. So, ignore the strange looks and be happy anyway. If other people are unhappy, you don’t help anyone by joining them in that. Share your happiness, let it spread. Be the person who lights up a room when you enter, not when you leave! Watch the Pig of Happiness again. Smile – it’s infectious!

Be happy!
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Ian B

It's my belief that life is supposed to be a joyful adventure and, when you start to live it on Your terms, it CAN be - for everyone, in this lifetime. It's my aim to help You live life on Your terms and engage your Authentic Overdrive. Let's go!

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