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Coping with Joy

Or how to deal with the fact that your life doesn’t suck any more!

Jumping joyfully and triumphantlyIt’s true, but it seems like a strange thing to say; living in a constant state of joy, ease, bliss, peace, love, harmony and abundance can take a bit of getting used to!

The problem, I think, is that ego, the personality, for many of us is so used to dealing with quite the opposite of this that, when things take a dramatic turn for the better, it starts to get worried. Far from embracing and enjoying this new emotional wellbeing, it pines for the old and familiar, and will try to take us back there to ease its discomfort!

Those of us who have been conditioned to believe that life is about hardship, struggle, conflict, pain, lack and fear can have a hard time accepting that life really can be this good. And that it can last. And, if we’re not careful, the ego may try to put an end to such flights of fancy, even when the evidence is clear and physical.

A life filled with joyful adventure, love, abundance and, well, Wild Bliss is perfectly realistic, attainable and sustainable, for all of us, in this lifetime. Part of you knows this, wants it for you, knows that you deserve it and will guide you towards it. And part of you might well be saying; “this isn’t real, it won’t last, you just got lucky, you haven’t done anything to deserve it – but don’t worry, we’ll get things back to normal soon”.

And it’s all in the mind!

Well it’s all in your mind anyway, but these messages of lack, hardship and fear of change are not the “truth”, they do not represent reality from which you have temporarily escaped: The idea that fear and suffering is necessary is the domain of the ego. It’s scared, and people, even parts of people, like your mind, can do silly things when they get scared.

Creativity will out

The Jackalope - pyrographyOh yes! Even if you’re one who says “I’m just not creative” – not so. You Are A Creator Being. And you will create. We always create. It’s just that sometimes, when you’re not consciously, deliberately choosing to create what you DO want to see in your life, and maybe you’re scared, or angry, or frustrated, or even just feeling a bit bored, then you can start creating things that you really DON’T want to see.

You might decide to revisit some lessons you thought you’d already learned, or dream up some new ones you’d never considered before. You may create yourself some dramas. Dramas are great! Drama helps you feel alive. Drama brings colour and excitement to your life. And you’re capable of some pretty epic stuff, no?

But you don’t need to.


You don’t need to do that stuff.

Yes, you’ve read the bits that say; What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and heard “It’s character building”, right? Well, maybe so but, again…

You don’t need to do that stuff.

You don’t need drama and struggle to grow. Change does not have to be hard. Fears do not have to be faced, ignored, laughed at, suppressed or covered up.**


Which is not to say that there won’t be challenges. There will. And opportunities. And “opportunities” – you know, the ones that are problems that you get the chance to transcend, to learn and grow from? Yes. But where would be the fun if we didn’t have some of those?

Problems are not the problem. It’s how you think and feel about the problem that can be a problem. If you think you need to struggle and battle and fight against it then your problem will probably feel like a bad thing. And that’s considered ‘normal’ by many people. That’s why they get so worked up when you tell them that problems are just opportunities in disguise; they haven’t learned the transcending or transforming bit, so another problem is just something else to add to the misery.

Misery? I seem to have digressed a little from my idea of coping with joy. Or have I? For some people a life of joy, bliss and ease may seem wrong somehow, like there’s something missing. Without the struggle, the fear and doubt and battling, things can, perhaps, feel a bit empty. And this, of course, is where the ego may come to the rescue by creating some lovely drama to fill the gaps!

What to do then?

Embrace it. All of it. And enJOY it.

** Tools and techniques abound, with which to transform, transcend or tango with any issue, problem, growth opportunity, learning experience or choice point you may, and indeed will, encounter.

We have EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, TAT, the Whole Brain Posture. We can Meditate or Journey in a variety of ways and we can ask for, and receive, Guidance from any number of sources. And when we do…

When we do use all this stuff – you’ll have your favourites, of course, but all have their place, including many I’ve not mentioned – but when we do….  And this, perhaps, is the point. WHEN WE DO use some or all of these things, life can become pretty joyful, easy, blissful. Problems become easy to deal with, fears dissolve, issues resolve themselves – you know, all that day-to-day miraculous stuff!

And there’s the opportunity; don’t keep these tools locked away, only to be brought out in times of trouble or trauma. Use them. Lots. If you see a chance to learn and grow, jump in joyfully. If you happen to create a drama for yourself be grateful for the opportunity, and resolve to enjoy dealing with it, finally, and joyfully.

And try not to be too surprised when you start to become one of those people for whom things ‘just work out well’. When your life is filled with happy coincidence and elegant synchronicity, remember that you have created this too, every bit as much as the things you may perceive you got ‘wrong’.

Bottom line? You are a Magnificent Creator. You needn’t worry about how to cope with all this joy – just Be Joy. Sorted!

I shall leave you with some wonderful words, written by Jerry, in response to something I wrote on John Cali’s blog, and reproduced with his permission:

“That’s all there is to it… you are GOD… so get over it and live… laugh… and love with all your heart”

‘Nuff said.



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It's my belief that life is supposed to be a joyful adventure and, when you start to live it on Your terms, it CAN be - for everyone, in this lifetime. It's my aim to help You live life on Your terms and engage your Authentic Overdrive. Let's go!

2 thoughts on “Coping with Joy”

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Ian. For the most part, my life is one in which things ‘just work out well’. I can see the ego struggling to get things back to a certain status quo of worry as more doors open effortlessly. This was a lovely reminder to notice that for what it is.

  2. Thanks for this great post. I couldn’t agree more about the need to be creative and at the same time to suppress the ego from always expecting negative outcomes. When we are creative, we are always happy.

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