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Expecting the best

Range Rover Evoque Victoria BeckhamI’ve been fascinated this week by expectation and intent, and how this impacts my quality of life. In particular this has been highlighted for me in the area of customer service.

It all started when I read a blog post by the inimitable Randy Gage in which he talks about his appalling customer service experiences when buying a car.

RG was frustrated in his attempts to hand over what would have been a fairly sizable chunk of cash by salespeople who apparently couldn’t be bothered to do their job i.e. serving the customer. All the more interesting when you consider that the limited edition Range Rover Evoque at the top of Randy’s want list, and pictured above, goes for around £80,000 ($120,000).

But what really got me interested is that, at the same time, I was experiencing some truly excellent customer service from a company selling on eBay. The ticket price: £1.99, including delivery!

You don’t necessarily get what you pay for, but you tend to get what you expect.

I won’t bore you with the details of my eBay transaction – the important bit is that I expected to get great service. Needless to say I’ve added that seller to my favourites and they’ll get more business from me, but as far as I’m concerned the order value doesn’t matter, I consider myself a valuable customer and I expect to be treated as such.

Does that sound arrogant to you?

Well it shouldn’t! That’s not arrogance, that’s just me recognising my own worth (which is not defined by money) and expecting to experience the best that life has to offer.

That’s the key to it, I believe, what you expect to experience. I don’t know why Randy Gage would attract so many bad experiences, although I do wonder if he actually quite likes it because it gives him good material to rant about! And to be fair he’s always quick to highlight and celebrate the good stuff that comes his way too.

But why put up with less than the best? For the few years I’ve lived my life, as much as I’ve been able to, by the principle of one of my favourite quotes, from the author W Somerset Maugham:

It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.

And so, when I remember, this is what I do. And the funny thing is that things very often work out far better than I’d even imagined. Not that it’s always been like that. There’s plenty of mediocrity out there if you’re prepared to settle for it, and I’ve experienced more than enough, thank you!

I have a vivid imagination and am quite adept at using it to project hard work, struggle and dissatisfaction. I made quite a habit of it when I worked in recruitment; I imagined that most people would not be interested in what I had to offer and spent hours rehearsing answers to the objections they were bound to raise.

And, sure enough, that’s what I experienced; countless conversations with people who weren’t interested. The result was a life filled with hard work, struggle and dissatisfaction!

But why would you want to do that? You deserve better. You deserve the best, although that bit, if your experience has been anything like mine, may take some work on your beliefs! It was only when I started to investigate and deliberately change my beliefs that my expectations and experience really began to change.

  • I deserve to be happy and loved
  • I see the best in everyone and everything
  • I expect the best to happen
  • I trust in the process of life and go with the flow
  • I can deeply relax knowing that I am fully supported by the universe
  • I deserve the very best that life has to offer
  • My life is unfolding perfectly

How do those sit with you? Comfortable? Maybe a bit of ‘yeah, but…’. Or perhaps outright disbelief? It’s worth checking in with these things from time to time, just to see what you’re expecting life to be like – because that’s what you’ll be creating!

Change beliefs - transform your life

And fortunately we have tools for doing just that – and for inputting those beliefs, and any others that you’d like to hold. If you feel your belief system could do with a re-boot why not pop over to WildBliss.com and grab yourself a copy of the “eBook Extraordinaire” Change Beliefs ~ Transform Your Life. It’s completely free when you sign up to their newsletter and comes with all the tools you need for testing and changing beliefs, and video demonstrations of exactly how to use them.

This stuff is crucial. We sincerely believe that life is supposed to be joyful, that you can put down the struggle and experience a life of ease – and still get stuff done! In fact you might well get a lot more done when you just let it flow, and you’ll feel a lot better for it!

You can put down the struggle!

And your beliefs, what you expect to happen, are the foundation for it all. You’ll only experience a life of joy and ease if you believe that it’s possible, and it’s possible for you, that it’s safe for you, you’re allowed to experience it and that you deserve it.

Yeah but…

Uh huh! All this is real and entirely possible for you, but no buts allowed! And it really doesn’t matter where you are right now. You have to start somewhere, right? And the best place is always wherever you happen to find yourself in this moment.

And it can all change, radically for the better, overnight. Do you believe that? I didn’t! It seems much easier to believe that it could all fall apart overnight, but then, maybe that’s exactly what needs to happen to make way for something better!

Any way you look at it, it all starts with beliefs – what you believe is possible and what you expect and intend to experience. Start with the Core Beliefs. The universe is friendly and loving, and wants you to experience the best of everything. What are you expecting it to deliver?

Meanwhile I shall hold a vision of You expecting and experiencing the very best that life can bring you – but I promise that it’s much more powerful when you hold that belief yourself!


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Ian B

It's my belief that life is supposed to be a joyful adventure and, when you start to live it on Your terms, it CAN be - for everyone, in this lifetime. It's my aim to help You live life on Your terms and engage your Authentic Overdrive. Let's go!

2 thoughts on “Expecting the best”

  1. Thanks Ian, I enjoyed your article immensely – definitely preaching to the choir with me – but I particularly liked the W Somerset Maugham quote – not heard that before – it is worth incorporating – I don’t enjoy mediocrity nearly as much as what is truly wonderful.

    My only thought – is a cautionary one – for if one isn’t getting the best one could turn on oneself – and that will certainly not improve things. As you know, one can only get the best when one feels deserving and in truth some of those little blips turn out to be the best thing – we just don’t see it at the time… “life unfolding perfectly” and all. Appreciate the joy you and Cara and Aurora impart in the world.

  2. Hi Dan – many thanks for that, and glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    That’s an important point you make – when we start to realise that we are creating all this then we may look at areas of life that we don’t like so much and think “I created THIS?” – so far so good, but the trick is to see that as useful information, ‘contrast’ as Abraham calls it, that can help us see what we DO want – it’s all too easy to look at the blips and think some version of “if I created this I must be a bad person – I must deserve it” – NO! You’re never a ‘bad’ person, just someone who has been holding some mistaken beliefs and expecting less than they deserve. I’m still working on actually being grateful for those blips, but the journey is fun!

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