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Serendipity? No such thing!

How curious that, on the very day I was planning to write a blog post about luck and synchronicity, I happened to find Simple Dude’s blog, I spotted the S30P logo, clicked through and saw that this week’s writing prompt was ‘Serendipity’! Clearly a case of serendipity in action. Or is it? How else would you explain it? Well, that depends on your definition of Serendipity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against serendipity itself, I like the word. I love the feelings it evokes of the magical, mystical, elegance of everything unfolding perfectly. No, my issue is definitely with the definition.

Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.

Certainly, my seemingly chance encounter with the Simple Dude was a pleasant experience, and finding S30P could be highly valuable. I was instantly inspired by the challenge of writing about serendipity, and inspiration is a treasured prize indeed.

No, my argument is with that one four letter word at the start, luck. Yes, Luck! It’s a troublesome little word, luck, for it has some very misleading and disempowering connotations.The problem, again, is clear from the definition.

The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events

Fortunate or adverse events happen – that’s called life, stuff happens. The problems start when you attribute the cause of these happenings to chance, luck or fate. Call it what you will, as soon as you believe that something outside of you has more control over your life than you do, you’re lost, disempowered, left feeling helpless. Fortunately, however, it’s just not true, at least, not in terms of fact or ‘ultimate truth’. But that won’t help you if you believe it’s true – if you believe it, it will be true for YOU.

If you believe in luck then you tend to ask questions like “how come you get all the luck?” and “why don’t I ever get lucky like that?”. How is it that I was lucky enough to find this writing prompt at just the time I needed it? WRONG QUESTIONS! Not so much wrong as in right or wrong, that’s another wrong question! A better question to ask is “does my belief that luck has more control over my life than I do serve me?” and then, “could I choose to believe something different that would serve me better?”


You could choose to believe that it’s not luck or chance but Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.

So, would that work better for you? Of course. And especially when you understand that just because two things are ‘apparently’ causally unrelated, it doesn’t mean that they are unrelated. The fact that you cannot ‘see’ or understand the cause is not the same as there being no cause. There is a cause – it’s YOU.Your predominant beliefs, thoughts and emotions determine how you create your own reality.

This is commonly known as the Law Of Attraction. You may have heard of it. You may have an opinion on it. You may or may not believe in it. None of this matters. It works. Whether you know about it, like it or believe in it or not, it works. It’s just like the law of gravity. Gravity doesn’t care what you think. If you walk off the edge of a cliff, you’re going down, always. If you kick a rock off the edge of the cliff, the rock goes down too. Now the rock hasn’t been to school, it’s not educated about the law of gravity, so it doesn’t know that it’s supposed to go down, but down it goes just the same. Gravity just works.

And so it is with the law of attraction, but with one key difference. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, once again that’s a case of ‘wrong question’. A better question, as always, is “which belief will serve me better?”. If you choose believe in Luck then everything is left to chance. You may be lucky and you may not, but you’re essentially powerless. But if you choose to believe in synchronicity or the law of attraction then you have the possibility of using it to your advantage.

So I choose to believe that I can use the law of attraction and that, as a result, I will experience many things that others might regard as ‘lucky’. Here’s how it worked for me this time.

  • I had a clear idea that I wanted to write about synchronicty
  • I had a strong desire to receive some inspiration for this
  • I trusted that something would turn up
  • I decided to check out a few popular blogs (rare for me)
  • I found the Simple Dude blog
  • I scrolled to the bottom of the page (very rare for me)
  • I saw the S30P logo and clicked on it (very, very rare for me)
  • I was greeted with the writing prompt of Serendipity

Note that I didn’t go looking for it. I wanted it, yes, but I wasn’t searching. I simply decided, for no apparent reason, to do a series of things that are unusual for me, and there it was. Now you may choose to call that luck or serendipity, but how well does that serve you? It doesn’t, because you have no power to control it. I believe that I created it, that it was a syncronicity that occured as a result of my intention and desire. And so I am empowered. I know that I can use that again – and I do.

And so it is in every area of my life, but more of that in another post.

Be inspired!

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